At Preston Place, we believe in the time-honored tradition of esteeming those who have laid the very foundations of the communities we’ve inherited. Our residents are nothing short of heroes and heroines. We see their inner strength and the sparkle in their eyes and know they’re of great value.

Dedicated, Professional Care

Skilled, Positive, and Caring Staff

Those who visit Preston Place are quick to note the positive, contented environment created by our team of dedicated caregivers and around-the-clock nurses. Regardless of holidays or weather conditions, our employees are devoted to our residents and make every day a gift to enjoy.

Living & Loving Life

There's always something fun just around the corner

At Preston Place, we want our residents to live life to the fullest – and love every minute of it. Everything we do is designed to make our residents’ lives simple in task but extravagant
in enjoyment. From live musical entertainment to cooking classes, arts, crafts and games, there’s always something fun just around the corner!

The “Little Things”

A Home-Away-From-Home Experience

As a privately-owned assisted living facility, we’re able to focus on the “little things” that matter – the personal touches that make living at Preston Place “home.” From detailed wall murals to the opportunity of tending flower and vegetable gardens, we offer a premium home-away-from-home experience with tailored assistance.

Community Outreach

Because we serve residents who invested in our community, it’s our privilege to do likewise. At Preston Place, you’ll find that we offer a variety of community outreach opportunities, including: Adult Day Services, Monthly Caregiver Support Group, Staff/Caregiver Training, and Seminars on Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Additionally, we’re happy to participate in a host of charity fundraisers.