There is always something going on just around the corner at Preston Place II! Here are some of the amenities we offer, but if you have a question that isn’t answered in this information,  just ask! We will figure it out together.


  • Monthly Activity Calendar – On the first of each new month, all residents receive a new calendar that lists all of the daily activities for the month. The calendar is also posted on the bulletin board outside of the nurse’s station, and we always keep extra copies on hand for family, friends, and visitors. We also write the daily activities on a dry erase board outside of the Nursing station and go door-to-door reminding residents to join us for a fun time! Activities range from live music entertainment on guitar or piano, to cooking classes, arts and crafts, chair exercise and stretches, or trivia to exercise our minds. Activities on the calendar take place in a different area of the building each day.
  • Family Events– For special holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, we invite family members to join us in celebrating! We also have other fun events throughout the year when we invite family and friends to join us as well. Although anyone is welcome to join us in activities, we have special events throughout the year to continue making memories in your new home. Some families have even planned their private family get-togethers in the Sun Room, around the activity schedule!
  • Sun Room– Our sun room also serves as a private dining room for smaller family birthdays or meals. Just let our Office Assistant know when you need it, and we’ll reserve it for your next event!
  • Birthday Celebrations – We celebrate everyone’s birthday on the date of their special day with a surprise party and as always, the families are always invited to attend. This way, everyone’s birthday is celebrated with family and friends.
  • Public Library Membership – Preston Place also has a membership at the Kingsport Public Library! Any resident can request that our Transportation Assistant pick up library material, and we will pick up, drop off, and exchange books as needed.
  • Community Events – Community events are posted at the front entrance of facility in our enclosed message board. Even though we are a facility for Alzheimer’s and dementia care, we strongly encourage residents and family members to participate in community events. Community and facility events are also emailed to families of each resident.



  • Dining Room Meal Times– Breakfast is served from 8am-9am, lunch is served from 12pm-1pm, and supper is served
    from 5pm-6pm in our dining room daily. Snacks are scheduled throughout the day and our chef has no problem making
    adjustments for diet restrictions. There is also access to food from the kitchen 24/7, around the clock, upon request, or
    scheduled for those residents needing the extra calories but who are unable to ask due to memory impairment.
  • Dining Room Seating– Personalized seating helps residents form a close-knit friendship with their table mates quickly, so no one ever comes into our dining room wondering where to sit. There will always be a seat reserved for you and a staff member to assist as needed.


Laundry & Housekeeping

  • Your family member’s laundry will be picked up, washed, dried, folded, and put away twice a week, on the same scheduled days each week. Simply use the provided laundry basket in their apartment’s closet, and we’ll take care of the rest. Their bed linens will be washed and changed once a week as well. We provide the laundry detergent, but please let us know if your family member has allergies to certain detergents.
  • Apartment waste will be collected at least three times each day so that resident garbage should never be over flowing. Your family member’s apartment will be on a scheduled rotation to be thoroughly cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, and scrubbed once a week, but if there’s a need for more attention in a specific area, just let us know and we’ll make the necessary accommodations.
  • Upon visiting, you and your family member are welcome to access our microwaves, coffee makers or any other amenity while you are visiting. Our staff is always happy to assist you as needed.



  • Doctor Appointments– All residents can be driven to their local physician’s appointments by our Transportation Assistant. All a resident has to do is tell the Transportation Assistant the date, time, and location of the appointment in advance, and we will make sure your family member arrives on time and gets the necessary information back to our nursing staff.
  • Wal-Mart– Sometimes there is an item your family member may need that you are not able to bring by due to schedules. The Nursing supervisor will notify you and then if needed, notify the Activity department and the needed items will be purchased and be billed on the resident’s monthly statement. Our Transportation Assistant will also assist in the shopping needed and deliver the merchandise back to the Nursing supervisor for placement in the resident’s apartment.
  • KATS Dial-A-Ride– Kingsport Area Transit Service (KATS) offers public transportation services for both seniors and individuals with disabilities who need boarding and/or disembarking assistance to get around town. The application for the Dial-A-Ride program will be in your family member’s admissions packet. For further questions, please visit or call 423-224-2613. Our Office Assistant can also help your family member call ahead to reserve a ride at least one business day in advance.


Health & Beauty

  • Hair Salon– Preston Place II has a hair salon on sight for any resident to get their hair shampooed, cut, colored, permed, or styled. Our stylist works on both men and ladies! Each resident is given an appointment day and time, and our stylist will assist residents to the beauty shop any time. The salon is located just down the hall from the Nursing station. Prices are posted in the salon for all available services. Beauty charges are added to the monthly statement. Gift Certificates are available in the Business Office.
  • Manicures– Each Friday, residents can get manicures in the Sun Room. This is posted on the monthly activity calendar and the Activity department keeps up with their list of “manicure clients”. Each resident is invited to join the activity staff for a manicure. If a resident isn’t in the Sun Room when it’s time for their manicure, an activity assistant will go and remind them. Employees will also assist any resident in trimming fingernails on any day, so residents never have to wait if their fingernails need cutting. All manicures are complimentary.
  • Pedicures– Suzy Blackwell, RN offers Foot Care Sessions to residents, as needed, for an additional fee. Suzy’s sessions consist of soaking feet, scrubbing off dry skin, cuticle care, toe nail trimming, and moisturizing/massaging feet. This is a sure treat for tired feet! Pedicure charges are added to the monthly statement. Gift Certificates are available in the Business Office.



  • Personal Mail– Welcome to Your New Home! New residents or their family member can complete a change of address form and turn it in at our mailbox to start having mail forwarded to their new address, which is 2303 N. John B. Dennis Hwy. Apt. (your apartment number) Kingsport, TN 37660. Mail is delivered by 10:00am Monday – Saturday. Residents
    also have a place for outgoing mail where they can send their own personal letters and bills out without having to leave our facility. Stamps can either be purchased from our mail carrier or from our Transportation Assistant.
  • Newspaper Subscriptions– Residents can easily transfer their newspaper subscriptions to their new Preston Place II address with no problem! All they have to do is call the Kingsport Times News at 423-392-1390, and they will be helped hassle free! Each morning when newspapers are delivered, one of our Nurse’s Assistants will set a newspaper inside of each apartment for the residents who have a paid subscription. For those who aren’t interested in a daily subscription, there are always a few complimentary copies of the daily newspaper in the living Room or on an end-table throughout the facility.
  • Basic Cable– Our basic cable package includes 99 channels and is provided by Charter. It is offered at a discounted rate of $22 a month. The $22 cable fee is put on the resident’s monthly statement. If a resident wants a different cable package above the 99 basic channels offered, they/or their family member can simply call Charter and order their own cable package at 888-438-2427, 9:00am-7:00pm.
  • Facebook– Keep up-to-date with the latest photos of activities, events, and outings by liking our Facebook page, Preston Place Community! Feel free to share pictures and “Tag” yourself when you see your family member in our Facebook albums!
  • Free Wi-Fi– Free Wi-Fi is available in our facility for residents who enjoy the latest technology!
  • Land Line Telephones– You can transfer your home telephone line and keep your same telephone number. Simply call your telephone service provider to transfer your phone service. If a resident chooses not to place a phone in the apartment, there will always be access to a public telephone 24/7, as our Nursing station has landlines, as well as cordless phones that residents may use to call out.
  • Cell Phones– Several residents choose to keep a personal cell phone for contacting loved ones. This is a wonderful source of technology, but we ask that you turn your ringer down during activities, or simply step away from the event taking place while talking on your phone. We strive to remain considerate of our neighbors and guests when talking on cell phones throughout the building.


Medical Assistance

  • On-Sight Physician Care– Dr. Lee is a geriatric physician who comes to Preston Place every Monday to care for residents who choose to use him as their Primary Care Physician. His Nurse Practitioner comes every Thursday as well. Your family member has the option of using Dr. Lee at Preston Place, not having to leave to get to the doctor, having their doctor on hand once a week, or maintaining their current Primary Care Physician and using either our Transportation Assistant, a family member, or a trusted friend to get them to their doctor appointments.
  • 24 Hour Nursing Staff– Licensed Practical Nurses are on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, to make certain your family member is always getting the care they need. Our nursing staff also dispenses all medications to residents so that no pill is forgotten, taken too often, or overlooked. Our LPNs are supervised by our Director of Nursing, a Registered Nurse.
  • Pharmacy Prescriptions– Glade Pharmacy packages all prescription medications for Preston Place residents, based on the Tennessee state requirement of all prescriptions being packaged by a licensed pharmacist. This ensures continuity when medications are being dispensed, and it also provides consistency so that one pharmacist knows all medications your family member is taking in order to prevent negative drug interactions. If your family member is prescribed a new medication today, don’t worry. Glade Pharmacy makes deliveries to Preston Place twice a day to insure all residents have all the medications they need. If your family member needs a new medication immediately, simply go ahead and fill it at the pharmacy of your choice, and then our nursing staff will have Glade Pharmacy re-package it so that your family member doesn’t have to wait. Glade Pharmacy will even re-package prescriptions provided by the VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical Center for a $5 fee per medication.
  • On-Site Services– Because we are a memory-care facility, we realize the need for options for residents and families to have access to in-house services, as well as out of facility services. You are free to use the hospital of your choice as well as any other medical service that is off campus. For the residents and families who prefer not to access those services, you can request in-house services such as mobile x-rays, lab tests, behavioral health visits, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Our Nursing Supervisors will be happy to help you acquire the needed services.


Other Assistance

  • Notary On-Site